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How Credit Card and Debit Card Processing Works

Card payments have come a long way since the old days of flatbed credit card imprinters. Thanks to a new generation of POS systems, digital card readers, and processing networks, card transactions can be processed so quickly that it’s easy to forget how complicated the process actually is.

Every credit card transaction involves three essential players: the payment processor, the credit card association, and the customer’s issuing bank. When a merchant swipes or scans a card for payment, the transaction information is transmitted through the payment processor’s merchant account gateway to the credit card association’s network. From there, the information is passed on to the bank that issued the card to the customer. The bank verifies the customer’s information and then authorizes or declines the transaction. That decision then flows back through the system to the merchant’s POS system to either complete or reject the sale.

While this process takes only a few seconds, it is a complex system that involves many participants, each of whom collects a fee as a transaction passes through their hands. Banks and card networks charge a non-negotiable interchange fee that reflects their overhead cost and is further adjusted for risk. Merchants in high-risk industries often face higher interchange fees due to the increased risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Many payment processors add to this burden by charging additional hidden fees on every transaction and withdrawing funds to cover burdensome reserve requirements. At Finzeo, we’re committed to full transparency when it comes to our merchant account gateways for card processing. We show you exactly what you’re paying for each transaction: no hidden fees and no sneaky reserve deductions.


Why Card Payments Matter For Your Business

Card payments account for a little more than half of all customer transactions in today’s economy, For online retailers and eCommerce businesses, card payments are even more critical as the dominant online payment method in the US, making up almost $350 billion in online sales in 2019.

No Cash? No Problem!

The days of “Cash Only” businesses are fast coming to an end. No matter your industry, customers will expect you to be able to accept card payments when the time comes to complete a transaction. Don’t miss out on potential sales by failing to secure access to reliable and affordable payment processing services for credit card and debit card transactions.

Because Transparency Matters

With Finzeo's merchant account gateway and payment processing services, you can start accepting card payments right away. Our “interchange-plus” payment model lets you see exactly what you’re paying in fees for each transaction, which helps you identify opportunities for reducing fees to maximize your revenue.

High-Risk Merchant? We’ve Got You Covered

Just because you’re a high-risk merchant doesn’t mean you have to settle for restrictive processing terms and excessive fees when it comes to your merchant account. Finzeo specializes in working with high-risk merchants to help them maximize transaction revenue and adopt the right strategies to keep their interchange rates as low as possible.

Finzeo Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

Our revolutionary payment processing technology allows you to accept online credit card payments and in-person card payments quickly and easily for both low-risk merchant accounts and high-risk merchant accounts. Whether you’re using our dedicated merchant gateway portal, integrating your existing payment system with our robust API, or installing the Tpay portal on your website, Transcend Pay has the payment processing solutions to make your card transactions easier than ever.

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